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Smart city is expected to help solution urban constraints. Such as transparency and public participation, public transport, non-cash transactions, waste management, energy, security, data and information. It can be supported through information and communication technology.

"Now the problem of the city if it is silenced, the gap between the problem and the solution is getting farther, the more it gets stuck and flooded, so search for strategy, and it needs to be done with the community."

In 2014, Frost & Sullivan identifies eight key aspects of smart city administration, smart governance, smart infrastructure, smart technology, smart mobility, smart healthcare, smart energy, smart building and smart citizens.

Smart City specification:

Smart Goverment: the key to successful governance is Good Governance. That is the paradigm, system and process of governance and development that heed the principles of rule of law.

Smart Economy: this means that the higher new innovations are upgraded it will add new business opportunities and increase business / capital market competition.

Smart Mobility: management of city infrastructure developed in the future is an integrated management system to ensure the alignment of the public interest.

Smart People: development always requires capital, both economic capital, human capital and social capital.

Smart Living: smart environment means environment that can provide comfort, sustainability of resources, physical beauty and non physical, visual or not, for society.

Smart Live: cultured, means that humans have a measurable quality of life (culture).

The main objective of smart city is to establish a safe and comfortable city for citizens and to strengthen the city's competitiveness in economy. So it can be explained that the purpose of the implementation of smart city can be divided into 3 main agenda, namely to support the city in the social dimension (security), economy (competitiveness) and environment (comfort).

However, Smart City is not always for cities that should have adequate Internet access and information-based technology. Many cities are spending on information technology but do not manage it optimally. Smart city is a city that can manage Natural Resources, Human Resources and other resources so that its citizens can live comfortably safely and sustainably.

Smart City is the fastest and most accurate city providing solutions to its citizens.

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