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Here are some things you need to consider before running a culinary business:

1. Number of Menu Offered

It would be nice if you did not offer too many menus because it could cause some problems, such as: Too many menus make customers take longer to choose the desired order, it means every minute is also wasted your chance to make money. With so many menus you need more raw materials. The amount of raw material means it needs lots of places for storage. That means every food purchased has the potential to quickly stale. A lot of the menu means it takes a lot of time to cook. Especially if a chef can not mix a variety of food at the same time. Unlike if you focus on a certain menu with a number that is not much, you can save all the things above.

2. Less Effective Marketing

There are still many restaurants that argue that the public will be easy to know a restaurant just through through word of mouth marketing. This is reasonable because word of mouth marketing is effective and is still the most effective method of all time. However, have you ever wondered how they would do word-of-mouth promotions if coming customers are not pleased to recommend your business to their relatives and peers? The solution, you can give factor "X" that can make people to come back to your restaurant even invite colleagues and relatives to come.

3. Weak Management

Factors that are often overlooked by the restaurant owner is the lack of supervision and coupled with a system that has not been built properly. So it will result in less solid management that already exists. Next you have to do supervision for employee performance while continuing to build a good and measurable system.

4. Still Using Manual System

Not a few restaurants that still use the manual system in running its business. Starting from the menu listing, menu order, the amount of customer ordered, stock of raw materials for restaurants, and so forth still done manually. This will certainly take a lot of time, so the level of mistakes made (human error) is also greater. Especially if the restaurant wants to expand, certainly not much time to do.

Different things you will find if you immediately switch to using the software system. By using the software system, all things manual (operational) done above, you can do with much more easily. You do not have to bother writing customer orders, calculating the amount of profit and loss, stock of raw materials, and vice versa, because everything is in a lap of your finger, just click. In fact you will have plenty of time to expand or open your restaurant business branch at once, and time for family also more and more.

5. Bad Execution and Service

Poor customer service and the inability of employees to perform their duties properly can make the business sink fast. Make sure your employees really have the ability to suit your business goals. Develop a good system and process to get your employees to complete perfectly, and at the same time create internal controls to monitor your employees' performance.

6. Non-Strategic Location

Strategic location is not a guarantee your restaurant will be crowded customers, especially if the location is not strategic even-can actually make the restaurant business closing faster than expected. For that you need to avoid choosing a location in a place that is too quiet. A place that is too quiet can make your restaurant unknown to many people and certainly threaten the continuity of your business. Also avoid being in a location that is too crowded, because by being in a place that is too crowded will make your restaurant unattractive because usually the busy road tends to be a fast lane.

7. Unclear Business Plan

A good business plan should be structured and clear which includes thinking about the future of the business as well as the challenges you will face in the future. It will also force you to consider the financial needs of your business starting from your overall marketing and management plans, competitors, and strategies.

8. Lack of Experience

You already have an interesting menu concept with not too many choices and unique and different marketing methods. Then, if it all will be able to guarantee that your restaurant will not fail? The answer, not necessarily. The above factors are only part of the point that the reasons for the number of restaurants that fail. More than that there are many other factors that are different for experienced every restaurant business.

"Many of the restaurant business failures are just starting out in business because they are too confident with their own ability. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a more experienced person or a third party in your business."

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