Police Information System

"Software For Police Activities"

The mechanism of the use of information technology conducted by the police in applying the hardware, software and the way of processing / data storage and using personnel in charge of operationalization, which of course the application of IT Police is destined in accordance with the basic duties of the police as a protector, public servants and in the context of law enforcement.

During the operation of the IT Police system there are certainly some obstacles that directly and indirectly disrupt and obstruct the objectives of the Police Organization. These constraints include: Losses due to data loss, computer error processing, wrong decision making due to wrong information, computer abused loss, investment value in making large Information System but less supported by continuing policy, and still lack of maintenance of information confidentiality.

The development of the use of Information Technology System by the Police certainly requires consequences for control and supervision of effectiveness and efficiency. Information System Audit is a relevant form of reporting at this time because the Information Audit is conducted on the Information System as a whole. Not only IT tools are used such as Software, Hardware and network only, but the audit is done on all the aspects involved and relevant in the information system. So in the end there is no leakage of Information System done from internal and internal Police itself is expected that IT System Investment is done does not have implications waste and inefficiency.

Loss due to data loss

Data that is processed into an information, is an important asset in the organization today. Many operating activities rely on some important information. Information for a Police organization becomes a portrait or picture of past, present and future conditions. If this information is lost will result in quite fatal for the organization in carrying out its activities.

Data loss may also occur due to lack of adequate control, such as the absence of a file back-up procedure. Loss of data may be caused due to interruption of data processing, sabotage, or natural disturbance operating systems such as earthquakes, fires or floods.

Loss due to computer processing error

Computer processing becomes the main focus in a computer-based information system. Many police units have used computers as a means to improve the quality of their work. Starting from a simple job, such as data input / intelligence until the use of computers as an aid for the leadership of the police work unit to take a database-based decision. And many of the work units are already connected and integrated.

It will be very worrying if there is a mistake in processing inside the computer. Losses ranging from unbelieving data entering to the error of the process of enforcing the police in the framework of public services.

Decision making is wrong due to incorrect information

The quality of a decision depends on the quality of the information presented for the decision. The level of accuracy and importance of a data or information of the underlying police force depends on the type of decision to be taken by each Head of the Working Unit.

If each manager of the police unit will take strategic decisions, it may be tolerable with regard to the nature of long-term decisions. But sometimes misleading information will have an impact on misleading decision making as well.

Loss due to computer abuse (Computer Abused)

The main theme that drives developments in information systems auditing within an organization such as police is due to frequent occurrence of computer abuse crimes. Some types of crime and misuse of computers include viruses, hacking, unauthorized direct access (eg entering a computer room without permission or using a computer terminal and may result in physical damage or retrieval of unauthorized computer data or programs) and / or misuse of access for personal gain (someone who has the authority to use computers but for undue purposes).

Value of hardware, software and information system personnel

In an information system existing in police organizations such as hardware, software, data and personnel (user) is an organizational resource. There are several work units in the police spending substantial funds for investment in the preparation of an information system, but there are still weaknesses in the process of continuity of implementation because the use of IT in each unit depends on the policy of the leader. If the replacement does not have an "IT Minded" Vision then the costly built policy becomes powerless. So it takes a control to keep this pioneered investment.

Maintaining the confidentiality of information

Information for within a Police organization varies widely, from personnel data, vulnerability data, network data of criminals and so on is extremely risky if not properly maintained and monitored. A person may use information to be misused.

For example, if the data of the perpetrators of terrorist networks or police intelligence data are very secret, can be known / uprooted by people who are not responsible for the benefits in private interests then all the data can "fall" into the hands of people who are not responsible so that the impact can jeopardize the security of the country. Therefore, by realizing how important the confidentiality of information and security systems that exist in the use of IT Police. Making this a priority.

In order to maintain the confidentiality of the information the user (user) is either of course has an obligation not to reveal the pattern of "defense" or being arrogant to the security of Police IT System, because it is very risky to make the digital bandits try hard to break into the IT system Police.

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