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Livestock is a breeding activity and cultivating livestock to get the benefits and results of these activities.

Understanding of livestock is not only on maintenance, raising animals with a small amount and livestock with more animals, the difference lies in the intended destination. The aim of animal husbandry is to seek profits by applying management principles to the factors of raising livestock that have been optimally combined.

Activities in the field of animal husbandry can be divided into two groups, namely large animal farms such as cattle, buffaloes and horses, while the second group is breeding small animals such as chickens, rabbits etc.

The history of livestock activities is estimated to have existed since 9,000 BC which began with the breeding of dogs, goats and sheep. Livestock increasingly developed during the Neolithic period, namely the period when humans began to live in a settlement. At this time also, sheep and goats which were originally only taken by the meat, milk products were also used and the results of their fur. After the Neolithic breeding period, humans too began to recognize the activities of raising cows and buffaloes to get the results of the skin and the results of their milk and use their energy to plow the land.

With all the limitations of farmers in the past, livestock activities need to also be developed an animal husbandry system that is ecologically sound, economical and sustainable, so that people's livestock can help the economy for owners, employees, and consumers in need.

An agribusiness such as animal husbandry must have a purpose that is useful as an evaluation of activities carried out during livestock raising. Examples of livestock goals are commercial purposes as a way to earn profits. When this goal is set, then all the principles of the corporate economy, micro and macroeconomics, management concepts must be applied at this time. Because the demand for information needs, the information system also supports activities business in order to increase income in selling cattle, which is one of them by marketing, both traditional and modern marketing, both of which are able to increase the selling power of livestock.

Livestock and its products are a source of protein food which is very important for improving the quality of human resources. The development of the main livestock population and its production results is an illustration of the level of availability of protein sources.

The level of consumption that will determine the quality of human resources is influenced by the level of availability of meat and other livestock production and the level of household income (purchasing power). Level factor income will determine whether the household / individual consumes more carbohydrate or protein sources, which will affect the quality level of consumption and according to the requirements nutrition.

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