Hotel Information System

"Software For Hotel Management Activities"

Nowadays, many of the hotel providers have their sites on the web, which in turn allows the users to visit these sites and view the facilities and amenities offered by each of them. So, the proposed computerized of an online hotel information system is set to find a more convenient, well organized, faster, reliable and accurate means of processing the current manual system of the hotel for both near and far customer. For Business people they don’t have sufficient time for these then they can use these type of Hotel Information Systems. By this software we will reduce the faults in bills of their expenditure and decrease time of delay to give the bills to the customers.

The bill is based on the type of room they can select is displayed. Then at last the bill amount is displayed by the customer’s name, Address along with date and the number of rooms booked. There are compelling reasons to move to new systems, both to generate savings and compete more effectively. By making the move, you can drive sales, reduce costs and eliminate inefficiencies. In order to compete effectively in terms of customer service, operational efficiency and marketing, you need to automate wherever you can.

There are a number of systems that can help, from the daily activity that run your day-to-day operations through to your Booking Engine and Channel Manager and including the marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems you use to market your properties. However, in the past a lot of these systems have been complex, expensive to install and use, and hard to integrate with your other IT systems. Where you have multiple properties the headaches can get worse – different CRM systems, multiple systems, a fragmented view of what is going on and multiple costs and suppliers. Hotel information systems are complex packages with a lot of options and features.

The original design of each application determines how easy it will be for new users to learn and use the system. Easy-to-use software should be intuitive, clutter-free and quick to learn. The screens should be as simple as possible, and the use of the buttons and menu options should be self explanatory. A new user should not require extensive training or large help manuals in order to use the system. A rule of thumb is that a new hotel receptionist / reservations clerk should be able to learn all the features they need within an hour. One simple way to test the ease of use of a system is to set yourself a simple task – such as taking a booking – and see how long it takes a member of staff to identify how to complete that task unassisted. If they keep getting stuck or confused, you are looking at the wrong system.

This system is global in the sense that anyone can use this to find the appropriate hotel according to his/her affordable means. The details of the hotel information systems including the franchising, casinos, health Spas, payroll, credit, accounting control etc. are well described in. However, we have designed an hotel information systems which is specific to a particular hotel. It helps the owner to serve the intended customers without directly involving with them. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has reduced the complexity and cost of automating your core operations. You have to run an efficient operation where costs are kept to a minimum – otherwise you generate less profit and have less to invest in the growth of your business.

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