Frequently Asked Questions

" This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions."

Question : What is Bolehbuka Digital International?

Answer : Tech Company based on creative and populist economic activity (social economy). Provide solutions to problems faced in particular populist economics, education, health, livestock & agriculture by utilizing the art of science & information technology.

Question : How much is your software/app?

Answer : Available for ***FREE according to the service that we made. Check in every products description. If there is a service that must be paid it should be paid.

Question : Where does the name come from?

Answer : The names we get when we were in college, when we wanted to create a tech company.

Question : Why do you have there?

Answer : Because we like challenges. We are not the best, but we learn to be the best.

Question : The challenge is how?

Answer : Challenges that can solve the problem with smart solutions and the sensible way with the help of information & technology.

Question : How did the idea come about?

Answer : This idea came when we saw the problems arising from the environment around and try to find a solution by utilizing science and technology.

Question : Give me examples of the solution of the problem could you give in everyday life?

Answer : Of course, one of which is education & health.

Question : Why should education?

Answer : Because education is the right of every citizen.

Question : The others?

Answer : Agriculture & livestock, you can check in our product category.

Question : What is your business?

Answer : We are a tech company that has a direction in the field of digital business lines related to the world of software and hardware (embedded systems), there is also the field of livestock and agriculture, education and so forth. Everything is a blend of science and technology.

Question : How good business criteria do you think?

Answer : Profitable business. Business that is legal, run honestly and accountable. And the important business that can make customer/user/client profit, business partner profit and we also profit.

Question : How do you company funding for this time?

Answer : Currently we are using personal funds, friends, relatives and funding from angel investors.

Question : How do you monetizing your business products?

Answer : We have a variety of shapes monetize on every product we develop. We are currently focused in the direction of growth company. In because we currently market entered a phase of market validation. We are using "revenue streams" model. If there is a service that must be paid it should be paid.

Question : How much you believe in your product?

Answer : With robust, appropriate and classy. We make a product that's not so original alias perfunctory but we must first conduct market research and seek solutions to any problems that exist. We do not want to make a product so long without thinking about software quality. Most of today many startup makes startup to find funding. Finally startup founders think only about quantity not the quality of the resulting product. That is the basis why we research the first and we dared to launch a product that we developed. For additional information, we use opensource software with an emphasis on ethics in use. There are also products that must be built from the beginning until it is worth to use.

Question : Why do not you market it through the web?

Answer : Our previous development research first, about people willing to use our products or not there he/she would be concluded that these products can continue to be mass produced and this is the time for our team to make it reality.

Question : What makes you different from others?

Answer : Most people like that is free. Therefore all our software is FREE. Because we want to open up and want to contribute to the development of science and technology. This is also in accordance with the vision and mission of our company. We also explain in the respective product category. If there is a service/product that must be paid it should be paid. Such as leasing server usage, or purchasing hardware. Training services, upgrades for additional features, or maintenance costs.

Question : Why should I buy your product?

Answer : All our products are guaranteed for life. If you are not satisfied then we refund your money. With a note, you use it wisely and in accordance with the terms of our company.

Question : How about your market size?

Answer : This is an example only for animal husbandry. Ranch became one of the lucrative business where the business has become one of the major commodity foodstuffs or food in Indonesia. The sales data cow / fish / goat / chicken each year in Indonesia reached 7-8 million units / year. Let's just say the cattle population in Indonesia is 45.6 million units (each year's sales data are summed over the 10-year run with the assumption that dead or unused by 5% 2-yr, 3-yr 10%, 20% yr-4, 30% yr-5, 40% yr-6, 60% yr-7, 80% yr-8, 90% yr-9, 95% yr-10). Now is the assumption of 45.6 million livestock population, land in Indonesia is often used both, although sometimes separated individually or put together between livestock and farm. Assuming this is the average of each land use by one person so the population of farmers in Indonesia we can assume 1 x 45.6 = 45.6 million. Well this is a great example of market size.

Question : How about your market share opportunity?

Answer : From the above information. Large market size does not always guarantee to have a large market share that opportunity as well. Well here once again need to consider whether the intended market is still blue or even been red (bloody) met by stiff competition from various competitors. Ability and level competitors we need to calculate carefully too. Well here is required intuition and broad insight to determine Market Share Opportunity. Back in the case of the example above, If we specify Market Share Opportunity for animal products only 5% of Market Size 45.6 million per year, then the obtained results of 2.28 million cattle that can be sold per year or 190,000 cattle per month. Figures are quite fantastic, everything is back to business fundamentals that we have (capital, technology, networking, etc ...). The point of determining the Market Size and Market Share Opportunity we could see a promising business or not.

Question : Who is the Customer?

Answer : SME, farmers, breeders, business owner, society.

Question : What is the revenue model from your business?

Answer : Depending on the type of products or services that we have developed.

Question : Why you are the best at doing this?

Answer : Because we have done some research and can draw conclusions from the existing problems.

Question : How painful is the problem?

Answer : Before we decided to develop a service product, typically we did some research by collecting data information from governments, agencies of the state, the people who participate feel the impact and blogs that discuss it. From there we can draw the root of the problem and at the same time could provide a solution to these problems by the use of technology and information.

Question : Why your solution is better?

Answer : We already explained each product category and already there who are trying to provide a solution, but it's just a theory, no practice. And we try to practice it to bring toward industry. Essentially how the society can enjoy robust, appropriate and classy information technology.

Question : What is the next challenge?

Answer : Market Validation. This time we again conducted a market survey, if our products can be accepted by the market or not.

Question : What about the competition?

Answer : This world we live in competing. Compete properly, kind and honest. Usually devastated that can not compete fairly. So we must keep moving forward optimistically and reality.

Question : What is your next dream?

Answer : We want to be one of the largest information technology companies in the field of agriculture and livestock, education & health by using science and technology. Absolutely useful for people, nation and country.

Question : Your dreams are too high? Are you sure of all that?

Answer : The dream is FREE. The process of execution that requires power, money and time. However we will go forward with smooth and unpredictable way like a thunder.

Question : Do you currently have a patent on your product?

Answer : Yes at this time we already have our first patent. And catch up for our second patent.

Question : What other services are you compatible with?

Answer : All of our services complement each other. It was related to each others.

Question : You want to make what the heck?

Answer : Currently we are in the research and development of nano technology. Where are our current research capacity utilization data. We know there are small data, big data & micro data. In the future not towards big data but towards nano data and this development will have something to do with nano data center.

Question : I am still curious about what you are developing?

Answer : You can see the product description on each page.

Question : Currently what services are ready?

Answer : You can see the product description on each page.

Question : Can you give a description of the two?

Answer : You can check in each product category.

Question : I see the product description on the home automation.

Answer : Yes, it is also one of our services. You can check on each page.

Question : I see the products you develop quite a lot?

Answer : We make it that way so that we can continue to grow, struggle and survive for the first 5 years.

Question : Do you have no difficulty in arranging it all ? And surely become out of focus?

Answer : Every life we have today has a close relationship with the use of information technology, from waking up in the morning to sleep again at night. We have a priority scale. Short, medium and long term scale. Which part we're working on does not work. We do it one by one. That is why we want to open the job field for the development of other digital products. If we brand already useful and have a market that is really potentially the products and services that others will automatically follow.

Question : How many members of your team?

Answer : We currently consists of 8 peoples. And all come from different backgrounds. Along with the progress of time and technological developments do not be surprised if the startup of our team members will be increased over time. Especially we also invite young people Indonesia and generally worldwide who confused the direction of self competence, especially in Computer Science. By this we extend our hands to join us with the motto " cooperate and work together " to build worldwide for better life with the use of technology and information. Struggle is from the bottom, there is no sudden and instant, libraries, electronic town, and the mall is the place to seek knowledge, ideas and freedom. Because creativity starts from a BELIEF. I can, you can, we can.

Question : Many startups go bankrupt in their business? How do you respond?

Answer : Learn from history. Large companies can go bankrupt if they mismanage their management strategies and usually because of arrogance as a market leader. Moreover, startup companies. So do not be crybaby. Keep moving forward, never give up. Compete healthy and you are the winner.

Question : What messages and impressions as long as you build a startup company?

Answer : Impression: there is a company where they refuse their products for us to use & promote, and this becomes a very funny thing for us. Message from us, technology only helps to facilitate the work can not replace human element, and do not underestimate the startup company.

Question : Are you hiring ?

Answer : Absolutely, yes. If you're a talented person we want to talk to you. Check out our careers page.

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