Technology modifies the natural world through innovative processes, systems, structures and devices to extend human abilities. Engineering is design under constraint that develops and applies technology to satisfy human needs and wants. Technology and engineering, coupled with the knowledge and methods derived from science and mathematics, profoundly influence the quality of life.

Are You Cyber Idiot Or Cyber Smart?

With the development of various technologies to reduce the impact of cyber crime, it seems that users are protected, but it is not realized that one of the weakest points in computer security systems is human factors, not the hardware and software factors. Due to user negligence, no matter how strong the computer security system will continue to collapse and cause huge losses.

Future Of Artificial Intelligence And Natural Intelligence

Technological developments cannot be avoided, one of them is Artificial Intelligence. This technology can indeed facilitate human activities. However, on the other hand it can also cause new problems. The logic is like rubik, when one problem can be solved, another problem will arise. Hopefully your role as a human can still STRUGGLE & SURVIVE, and not slowly disappear to be replaced by an AI engine.

Know More About Augmented Reality Technology

AR is a technology that has been developed for a long time. This technology has been developed since 1968 but only in the 21st century has AR achieved such rapid progress thanks to the development of supporting technologies. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), which replaces the real environment with a virtual environment simulated by computers, AR still uses a real environment that is mated with virtual objects.

The Most Popular Programming Languages

Programming language is a string of words in the form of instructions or commands that usually consist of many lines that can be understood by a computer. This programming language must be mastered by a developer in order to build an application or software. And to make certain applications, programming languages are used to suit the needs of the application to be created.