Technology modifies the natural world through innovative processes, systems, structures and devices to extend human abilities. Engineering is design under constraint that develops and applies technology to satisfy human needs and wants. Technology and engineering, coupled with the knowledge and methods derived from science and mathematics, profoundly influence the quality of life.

What is the Internet? A Short Introduction

Interconnection Networking or the Internet is a communication network that connects billions of computer devices of various types or types globally and openly. Type of communication used in the Internet network using the phone media, satellite and so forth.

What is an Intranet?

Intranet Definition is a set of large and private computer networks connected by telephone lines, satellites or other modes of communication. Usually an intranet network is used by an agency or agency to share confidential information in the form of a web base to employees or employees, so not everyone can access the intranet only certain people who can access the intranet of a company or agency.

History, Functions Or The Benefits Of The Internet In Life

The history of the Internet began with the building of an ARPANET project (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) by an American defense agency (ARPA) in 1969 for military purposes. At that time the US defense agency built a computer network that connects computers scattered in vital areas in order to anticipate military attacks. So that information is no longer centralized and very easy to destroy if war happens.

Understanding Computer Network

Computer Network is a system in which consists of two or more computer devices and other devices that are created or designed to work together in order to communicate, access information, request and provide services or services between computers with each other.