What is Hardware, Brainware and Software? Here's the Explanation?

Understanding Software, Hardware and Brainware...
# Understanding Software

Software or called software is a set of digital data in the form of a program used to run a command. Because it is digital data so software can not we hold by hand. Some examples of software are operating systems and applications.

# Understanding Hardware

Hardware or called Hardware is a collection of electronic components that make up a computer system, this component we can touch and seen with the naked eye. Some examples of hardware are as follows:

Input devices are hard drives or hardware that serves as a medium to enter commands to the computer for processing. Some examples of input devices are Mouse, Keyboard, Microphone, Scanner, Joystick, touchpad and more.

A Process Tool is a hardware that acts as a command processing that has been assigned to the computer by the user. An example of a process device is Processor.

Output Device is a hardware that serves to output or display the results of commands that have been processed, some examples of output devices are, monitors, speakers, printers, ploters and more.

Storage device or called Storage is a hardware that serves to store data that has been processed, some examples of storage devices are Hard Drive, FlashDisk, Compact Disk and Others.

# Understanding Brainware

Brainware or called the user is the person who operates the computer in this case is human. Without brainware, the computer will not work. Therefore the role of the user is called with the brainware, this is very important.

From here it is clear to the understanding of Software, Hardware and Brainware in the computer world. Overview of the reviews that can be submitted, hopefully the above reviews can be useful for you all.