Technology modifies the natural world through innovative processes, systems, structures and devices to extend human abilities. Engineering is design under constraint that develops and applies technology to satisfy human needs and wants. Technology and engineering, coupled with the knowledge and methods derived from science and mathematics, profoundly influence the quality of life.

What is a Computer? A Short Introduction

A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information or data. Computers are able to store, retrieve, and process data. You may already know that you can use the computer to type documents, send e-mails, play games, and surf the Web. You can also use it to change or create spreadsheets, presentations, and even videos.

Hardware, Brainware and Software

Software is a set of digital data in the form of a program used to run a command. Because it is digital data so software can not we hold by hand. Some examples of software are operating systems and applications. Hardware is a collection of electronic components that make up a computer system, this component we can touch and seen with the naked eye.

Various Kinds Of Computer Hardware And Its Functions

The hardware, probably familiar with this one electronic device, and we believe most have used it a lot. But do you know what types of computer devices work when you turn on a computer ?. In the previous review we discussed what is Software, Hardware and Brainware? Here Understanding. Where in the review has been little touched on the computer hardware that supports a computer to be used properly. To discuss more about the computer device in this case, Hardware, we will disclose it in a review of various - kind of computer equipment and equipped with the functions of the computer device, Ok we just go to the topic of the problem.

Understanding Functions And Types Of Motherboard

Have you heard the term Mainboard or Motherboard?. For those of you who have been involved in the computer world, certainly no stranger to the term. And this time we will review about component computer this one, starting from understanding and its functions. Understanding Motherboard can be interpreted as a main board that is used to put and connect komponent - komponent computer. For example, memory, processor, VGA, LAN Card and others. Inside the motherboard there are several chips that serve to control the data traffic on the motherboard itself.