Science is a systematic method of continuing investigation, based on observation, scientific hypothesis testing, measurement, experimentation and theory building, which leads to explanations of natural phenomena, processes or objects that are open to further testing and revision based on evidence. Scientific knowledge is logical, predictive and testable, and grows and advances as new evidence is discovered.

A Powerful Magic Word That Will Change Your Life Forever

Before you read this article we recommend playing songs from Pharrell Williams - Happy whether through your smartphone or the music player you have. So that when you read the contents of the writing, this writing sensation permeates your self. Making a change of fate towards the more is the dream of some people. Tomorrow must be better than today. And today it should be better than yesterday. .

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Honest Easy To Say But Difficult To Implement

The following post is an Inspiration Note about honesty in life, which you may have experienced in life. Every day we often talk about honesty. "Align your thoughts and actions with the honesty you say" Remember, before you answer the question above, check it first into your heart! Often times, acting honestly is easy to say than to do. This is often experienced in real life, isn't that right?

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Learn From The Lotus Flower Philosophy

There will be no afternoon without morning, and that's the process. Before finding pearls, you definitely need to dive the ocean to get shells containing pure pearls. Lotus flowers too, before producing beautiful flowers need a process. From buds to buds, half buds, and perfect blooms. No need for water that is so clean and full of nutrients, but the Lotus still lives and produces charming flowers.

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