Science is a systematic method of continuing investigation, based on observation, scientific hypothesis testing, measurement, experimentation and theory building, which leads to explanations of natural phenomena, processes or objects that are open to further testing and revision based on evidence. Scientific knowledge is logical, predictive and testable, and grows and advances as new evidence is discovered.

About Science Financial Psychology, Booming Bitcoin And Collective Disorder

For the past year and a half, the world has been struck by the rapidly rising bitcoin phenomenon. Last year, one of the most searched keywords on Google was the word "bitcoin". Great isn't?. Eight years ago we also have enjoyed similar excitement, with the title e-gold. Digital gold pieces are so vibrant, so they can be sold at a very fantastic price. Financial psychology experts call this phenomenon a "financial mania". A fragment of phenomena that can make us all drowned in "collectiveness".

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Horrible Lessons About Innovators Dilemma

Some time ago, the legendary internet pioneer finally gave up in sorrow. Yahoo's core business was eventually acquired by Verizon, the telecommunications giant from America. How could the once-so-powerful Yahoo giant fall into apostasy, and become irrelevant in a digital blast? What crucial lessons we deserve from the drama of this fall of Yahoo? And what innovation wisdom is worth remembering? Just a prologue. A small piece of information in this part may already be read in an article on the previous blog page.

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Human And Their Arrogance

The most pervasive disease of human and one of the most dangerous enemies that threatens mankind is pride or self-exaltation. Pride can work very cunningly, stealthily and sneak into every aspect of our lives, even into our own humility. Though pride is the most dangerous enemy of mankind, yet almost everyone has it.

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