Science is a systematic method of continuing investigation, based on observation, scientific hypothesis testing, measurement, experimentation and theory building, which leads to explanations of natural phenomena, processes or objects that are open to further testing and revision based on evidence. Scientific knowledge is logical, predictive and testable, and grows and advances as new evidence is discovered.

A Powerful Way to Conquer Fear of Failure

Like the initial problem, what is thought will come true because our own brain creates a mindset about the results to be gained. A mindset that is always afraid of failure makes you a timid person and does not have a steel mentality. How to know the outcome, the war just have not been thinking about losing? The first to be understood is that basically the fear has not yet occurred. Do not keep busy thinking about it. Always positive thinking makes you an optimistic person with the results to be obtained.

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Big Digital Data Revolution: When Your Future Direction Is Easily Predictable

A surprising number of facts about the explosion of digital data. For example in one day: there are 2.8 billion searches via Google, 864 million status uploaded on Facebook, 822 thousand new websites are born, and there is a transaction of IDR 4.3 trillion in e-commerce. The explosion of digital data then led to a new phenomenon that is now known as the big data revolution. About how millions of digital data is being traced to guess your future behavior.

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Digital Megatrends That Will Change Our Digital Lives

Welcome to digital life. Everyone is invited. As soon as the sound of a slogan we've ever heard. In fact, the digital medium (with all its gadget trinkets) has so deeply penetrated the history of our lives today. Email, Whatsapp, broadband connection and social media may now be more intense accompanying our journey - whether at home or at work. And yes, you will not be familiar with this legendary blog if there is no digital medium. Digital connection has united our breath and passion.

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