Science is a systematic method of continuing investigation, based on observation, scientific hypothesis testing, measurement, experimentation and theory building, which leads to explanations of natural phenomena, processes or objects that are open to further testing and revision based on evidence. Scientific knowledge is logical, predictive and testable, and grows and advances as new evidence is discovered.

5 Simple and Powerful Tips to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Because only with a creative brain is, a change of destiny and more glorious future knit can be done. If brain cells are stagnant and slow, we can easily fall in the fate of a dark life. Blurry, without us knowing, our brain cells were also quickly experienced degradation. One of them: research shows if your income is mediocre, then it turns out your brain cells will quickly experience sterility. Wow.

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Genomics Revolution: Striving for Human Life Up to 250 Years Old

There are 4 key aspects that determine your health level (and your later death), namely: lifestyle, diet, mindset and genetic code in your body. Fun eating junk food and meat full of cholesterol, never exercise, stressful thoughts due to traffic jams and office work: these are all powerful recipes that make the hospital ER space is never short of patients. Then how can humans live up to 250 years old.

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How to Rise from Painful Failure?

Anyone of us, male woman, young elderly, rich poor, educated or uneducated. It must have been a failure in life. Life, nothing is perfect and there is always a problem in it. Failure, fallout, loss, in deceit, loss of something / a valuable person. All the events were very unpleasant. Angry, sad, disappointed, down, frustrated, discouraged, lost hope, and regret.

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