Maintain Health VS Maintain Finance

Health is very important for every human being....

It is not uncommon that health is very important to every human being. With a healthy body of course the soul will be good and the mind will be balanced. A healthy body also supports you to do various activities and activities without any obstacles. Eating food comfortably, sleeping soundly and needing no disturbance such as bitter medicine or even stay in hospital. Unfortunately many underestimate the importance of maintaining health. Health is so expensive that some people assume that healthy equals money. Then, why else is the underlying reason for you to appreciate the health of yourself and family?

1. Money Can Be Sought, Healthy No

Money is not everything, but the fact all need money to run smoothly. This does not apply to healthy and sick. For those of you who do not care and maintain health, sometimes the ability of money to heal-was no use. If you have been exposed to chronic diseases like cancer or heart, even expensive treatment can only delay death or inhibit rather than cure. For this reason, many consider that money can be sought wherever, while the unhealthy body will be difficult to return to health. From now on prioritize your body health.

2. Draining Time and Power

Health does not only cost money alone. If some people work hard for money, then others sacrifice their time and energy to be healthy. Just as you are pursuing a career, if you do not take care of your health then you will turn to pursue healing. Money and health are equally important, just as time-consuming and energy-consuming. However, because healthy can not be returned and cultivated easily there is good guarded.

3. Transfer of Fees

If health is maintained there will be many benefits gained. No need to bother having to set aside money for treatment, you can divert costs that are not important to prepare for old age, tuition, child education, or insurance in the old days. With the transfer of fees is also not necessary you seek money with large amounts. Healthy, will not require a lot of expenditure. Your body also will not be bothered by various diseases that attack.

4. Health Plan Same with Financial Plan

Believe that not living healthy will affect your finances? So, in fact this theory has been widely applied by others. Some might say "it's overseas, Indonesia is different". This opinion is wrong and reflects the lack of effort. With a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can eat foods like corn, yams, cassava, and wheat instead of rice. While the price of food consumption in large cities in one meal is very expensive, not a snack that actually accumulate fat deposits more and more. With the right lifestyle and maintain the stability of the body financial-will also participate stable.

5. Healthy Avoid Laziness

Money will not come for granted, all must be cultivated and done with determination and intention. Then what to do with healthy? many people prefer laziness rather than the spirit of doing activities such as work, school or sports. Yet with they spirit to overcome laziness it will help the body to stay healthy and support the body keep moving. Lazy will also make you poorer and stupid because the brain is never honed. Precisely with healthy behavior you can stay rich. Changing your lazy time by going around the bike to the office every morning might be a unique solution.

Health Is Also Important to Keep...

The most important thing is not because all need money, but health is as important as money but can not be replaced by money. Everyone always hopes to stay healthy to stay with family and loved ones. Hospitals or doctors have always been places or professions that many people hate. If you do not want to waste money or experience poverty just do not keep life right, then let's change your lifestyle to a healthier one.