Health is a prosperous state of body, soul, and social that enables everyone to live socially productive, and economically productive. Health maintenance is an effort to overcome, and prevent health problems that require examination, treatment and / or treatment including pregnancy, and delivery. Health education is the process of helping someone, by acting individually or collectively, to make informed decisions about matters affecting his or her personal health, and others.

Diseases Caused By Stress

In fact, stress is often deemed unnecessary to be treated, especially if the consequences are only minor complaints such as migraine and stomachache. People still hope their illness will heal once the stress is gone so it does not need to be treated.

Healthy Is Valuable

As we very often hear, healthy is expensive. How healthy can be expensive? Yes because if we are sick of course we need the cost to seek a doctor and sometimes the cost we need is not a cheap cost. Is it true that healthy is valuable? Read more...

Laugh For Healthy

Sound expression (written ha ha ha or lol and so on), or is a reflection of joy or happiness, or in feelings of cheerfulness and pressure (laughter in feeling). It is the result of (in the action of the psychological) of jokes, tickling and other simultaneous. A wide laugh can bring tears or even moderate pain.

Maintain Health VS Finance

It is not uncommon that health is very important to every human being. With a healthy body of course the soul will be good and the mind will be balanced. A healthy body also supports you to do various activities and activities without any obstacles.