The Role Of Knowledge As The Guide Of Human Life

Life is a thing that must be lived by all human beings...

Life is a choice. Life is a thing that must be lived by all human beings. Man will experience a variety of feelings in his life, such as happy, sad, angry, anxious, anxious, happy, in love, etc. What a person feels will be determined by the person's choice. In the process of life, there are many problems, trials, obstacles, even obstacles that hinder life itself. What a person feels will be determined by his choice. And the accuracy of problem solving is determined by the knowledge one has.

Science is a variety of knowledge in individuals that distinguish individuals with other individuals. Science can be obtained from anywhere, provided there is intention to demand it seriously. Broadly speaking, science consists of two main sources, namely:

1. Personal Experience

There is an old saying that "experience is the best teacher". The cause of the experience referred to as the best teacher is because through one's experience applying the knowledge it has had. When the process of applying science, the disability of knowledge possessed by a person is directly corrected by the reality of the world. The continuous repetitive-applying-correction learning cycle makes a person a better person.

2. Other People's Experiences

The average life span of humans only about 60-70 years impressed very less to study. Only personal experience that comes from a very short lifetime can not possibly make an individual a smart, wise, and good person. Therefore, it is important for a person to learn from the experience of others to increase the treasures of science that he has.

Other people's experiences can be learned from a variety of media, such as one's postings on social media, biography and autobiography, books, personal blog articles, etc. To get more complete and more accurate information, other people's experiences can be learned through discussions with others.

And to maximize the results of knowledge to be gained, it is important for learners to prepare critical questions as lighters of the process of remembering in a discussion.

The quality of a person's knowledge is not only determined by the amount of data possessed by the memory in the brain.

The desire to think and analyze data in the memory of the brain is very important for everyone to produce good science. As long as any person lives, as much as any experience of others who have learned, if not able to process it with full effort, then the maturity of a person will not be formed maximally.

The main role of science is as a differentiator. Someone who is knowledgeable is able to distinguish good and bad things accurately.

Someone who is knowledgeable can distinguish things that take a long time and a minute. Someone who is knowledgeable able to distinguish useful things is only useful for themselves and beneficial to others So, someone who is knowledgeable can choose the most appropriate decision to take in living life.

Such is the reflection in the life process that is essentially an option. Science plays light. Without knowledge, human beings will be blind, so unable to choose the best choice, precise, and accurate.

Good question to answer :

Have we been studying as much as possible to deal with the various options that will be offered by life?