The Reasons Why We Should Study Until Die

But For What...

Hello all of you, here the author is willing to share his thoughts on the importance of studying. Not just school or college in formal education. But the reason we must remember is that we always learn whenever, wherever and with anyone. Maybe already in know also why we should learn, waste money, sharpen the brain. Yes hope this can be useful for us all.

Obligation as a human being..

The rewards earned from studying are enormous. This is the reason why we have to study until the end of life.

Maybe sometimes we lazy to go to school, telling parents to go to school but it went to mall, cafe, game center. That kind of thing is usually to the school intent to play with friends. There are even some who do not want to go to school because of not buying a motorcycle.

If the intention is not because worship will be hard to learn like anything too. If our faith is strong, and we intend to learn, learn anything is easy.

So, this is the most important reason to keep in mind.

It benefits people...

"As Good Human Being Is the Most Beneficial For Others "

In addition to the obligation as a human being. We learn also because we want to benefit our fellow human beings. Providing useful science and utilizing the science for the advancement of human civilization.

We can see for yourself how big the Information Technology and also the Internet that allows us in doing various things. Science Mathematics, social science, social studies, and various other sciences have brought us to an advanced civilization and easy to do many things.

Like For example, Technology vehicles that facilitate transportation, which was everywhere walking, bike riding, now there is public and private transportation.

We intend to study so that one day we can also find something that can be useful for many people.

Big curiousity...

This one reason is the reason for learning from birth. Human instinct has a great curiosity. At birth we are crying and confused not knowing anything. We always find out many things and learn many things.

But the problem is when we feel enough with our knowledge that we stop learning. Maybe someone after graduating from college, then work no longer concerned with the name of learning, already feel quite with the knowledge gained. Yet as much as any knowledge that we can never be compared to the knowledge possessed by God.

Even people whose age has smelled the ground can still find something new. There is no late word in learning because basically we instinctively always want to learn.

Once in prehistoric times humans survived by hunting animals. Shelter from one cave to another. Then grow with planting and stay settled.

And nowadays we survive working or trying to get us money to eat, pay rent / buy a house, buy clothes, and all sorts of necessities to live.

But today we not only survive for ourselves, but how to get others to survive. How to reduce poverty. For that we must continue to seek knowledge, find ways to reduce the distance between "The Poor" and "The Rich".

Take advantage of nature and return the benefits to nature...

Human was created by God on this earth to be a leader on earth...

In this case, Science is like a double-edged knife. On the one hand to preserve nature and human welfare, on the other hand Science is exploited to exploit nature and also war to kill fellow human beings.

So as a leader who leads the world. We must not use science to destroy the earth. Instead we must preserve the earth.

We as humans who live on earth is definitely very dependent on nature, the progress of science facilitates us in taking the benefits provided by the earth. But we are also responsible for restoring that benefit to the earth.

By studying we can preserve the earth so that our grandchildren can also feel the benefits of nature.

The knowledge we have is only a grain of sand...

Yes, as much as any knowledge we get will not be comparable to the knowledge that God has. We can not be arrogant and say we are smart enough and do not need to learn anymore. Because the knowledge possessed by God is endless.

Yes that is the parable of God's knowledge. The oceans do not adequately describe the extent of knowledge possessed by God. While our knowledge is not just "superficial" but only a grain of sand. Sand compared to the oceans (even the oceans do not quite describe), how do we want to be arrogant and feel enough?

No matter how high our education, no matter how high the position there are still many things we do not know.

Yes, maybe that's the first thing that can be author for the reader as well. Please if anyone wants to add.

Hopefully useful and hopefully can remember these reasons.

So, keep learning until death picks up our lives.