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Benefits of Social Media for Developing SME Businesses

In the digital era, the presence of social media no longer only acts as a communication tool. More than that, social media has become one of the business strategies to grow your business. The activity of marketing business through social media, also known as the term online marketing, is actually very good for you SME entrepreneurs. What are the benefits? Here's the full explanation.

Business Strategies to Expand Your Business

In the following, we will provide business strategy tips for expanding brands to reach more consumers. The first step that can be done to expand the brand is to analyze the business performance. After completing all the business of closing a book, take the time to look back on how your business is running in one year. Try to analyze the shortcomings of your product / service compared to competitors and see which parts are possible to improve.

Investing Mistakes Often Made by Millennials

Speaking of investment, there are still many millennia (1981-2000 births) who have not done so. Whether because they do not understand or are not interested, there are still many young people who prefer to invest by saving money. In fact, there are still many other ways that can be done to invest. What are the errors of the millennial generation in investing? Here's the summary for you.