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If You Want To Be Rich, Have Prosperous Life Please Read This

Being rich is probably a hope held by many people. Because, without abundant wealth and income, we can be sad by following the increase in the price of goods and living necessities that continue to increase from year to year. Without sustained income, motorcycle loans, cars or houses that we take can get stuck in the middle of the road. Or maybe we are forced to continue to be in a rented house. And ah, don't our children need proper education?. Without adequate living, how are we sure they will have a bright future?

Promising Income Sources For Millennial Generations

Millennials now have a lot of ease of access in having extraordinary income. All of this happens because the speed of internet access can be used well by many positive young people who always have ideas to generate income. Remember, I say young people are positive. If your job is just to scroll the timeline of Facebook or Instagram every day without any benefits, it's time for you to repent. It's useless to waste time for hours but nothing. Don't be a consumptive generation that only spends time on the internet, but makes it a habit to surf to generate income. We will share income sources that are suitable for young people like you. Cekidooot...

Shocking And Miraculous Things When We Manage Personal Finance

Scientific studies of our behavior in managing personal finance have been widely carried out. The study usually falls into the category of financial psychology - an interesting combination of behavioral science, psychology and personal finance. The following are scientific and unexpected scientific research findings about how we manage our personal finances. Understand the results of this study so that you will become wiser and smarter in managing your personal money. Most of the results of the studies we want to describe here are revealed in the book Predictably Irrational by Prof. Dan Ariely and the book 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion by Prof. Robert Cialdini. Let's try surgery one by one the findings of the study in financial psychology (financial behavior study).