Adapting growth models to achieve widely shared economic and social goals is of great concern and interest to a wide range of audiences – leaders in politics and policy, business, academia and civil society, and interested engaged citizens – across a full spectrum of countries and with diverse circumstances.

Building a Dignified Business Civilization

When Hurricane Katrina struck and devastated the beautiful city of New Orleans, all levels of the US government responsible for dealing with disasters experienced panic and stuttering in taking responsive countermeasures. But at that moment, a number of large American companies moved quickly and simultaneously to respond. Fedex companies that are experts in logistics are directly moving and within hours are able to distribute aid to millions of people affected by misfortune.

Hidden Reasons Why Business SMEs and Start Up Fail and Die?

There is a study from a financial institution in the United States, if it turns out that 82% of SME class businesses and start-ups fail for reasons that are rarely considered, namely CASH FLOW. There is a saying: profit is QUEEN, cash is KING. Profit is often only on paper, but what really determines the survival of the SME business or start up is CASH MONEY. Indeed, cash flow is more important than profit, because everything is paid using cash, not profit. Profit is very important in a long-term perspective, but cashflow must be tightly guarded.

Key Concepts that You Must Practice for Online Business Success

In the midst of an always connected, always on smartphone explosion - now there is a need to be able to mix digital business strategies that are blurry and shaky. What are the key concepts that are worth understanding and practicing consistently, in establishing the massive success of online business? Let's try the key concepts in digital marketing and online business.