Adapting growth models to achieve widely shared economic and social goals is of great concern and interest to a wide range of audiences – leaders in politics and policy, business, academia and civil society, and interested engaged citizens – across a full spectrum of countries and with diverse circumstances.

Can Infrastructure Development Affect The Economic Growth?

In order to achieve public welfare, the state does have an obligation to realize the prosperity of its people. One way to achieve this noble goal is to build infrastructure. Infrastructure in the form of the construction of public facilities and pre-facilities such as roads, bridges, irrigation systems, electrical systems and others is very important to be encouraged. With the development of infrastructure, there will be many benefits and comforts that can be felt by the community.

How Can Subsidies Policy Destroy the Country?

If there are people who think that subsidies are profitable, then the person does not understand the basics of the economy. Ironically, many think like that, or maybe you are one of them? Even if yes, it's okay, everyone has to go through the learning process anyway. Come on, let's learn economics from the reality of history. Well, what is wrong with the subsidy policy?

Learn The World Of Investment For Beginners

Hello, loyal readers of this blog, meet again with us. In this article we want to share stories about economic topics, especially about investment world. This article at once welcomes some of the requests we received to discuss the world of investment. Okay in this article, we hope to explore thoroughly and also at once answer many of your questions about the investment world. Let's start the discussion!