Adapting growth models to achieve widely shared economic and social goals is of great concern and interest to a wide range of audiences – leaders in politics and policy, business, academia and civil society, and interested engaged citizens – across a full spectrum of countries and with diverse circumstances.

2 Sociological Theories Explaining Why Your Earnings Stay Stagnant

Some people like to wonder why income or income itself remains stagnant, while the cost of living is more expensive. Stagnant income can threaten the fate of the future; and upset millions of people. The question: why are some people's income still stagnant?

5 Key Pillars for Building The Wealth Of Indonesia and Yourself

Your current wealth is actually influenced also where you live, or what your current state is. If you currently live as a Singaporean citizen, for example, you may be richer than living as a citizen of Zimbabwe or East Timor.

A Thrilling Fun Battle in the Digital Stage Start Up Indonesia

Digital explosion start up Indonesia continues to boom along with mobile smartphone explosion that continues to blue. Almost every month new start-up names emerge in a variety of domains - in e-commerce, media, health, entertainment and digital-based education industries.