Adapting growth models to achieve widely shared economic and social goals is of great concern and interest to a wide range of audiences – leaders in politics and policy, business, academia and civil society, and interested engaged citizens – across a full spectrum of countries and with diverse circumstances.

3 Steps to Becoming Top 20%, Not in Bottom of 20%

There are 3 steps or key elements that you deserve closely, when you want to be Top 20% Rich People. Let's have surgery one by one while drinking tea. Improving the fate of life to be better may be everyone's hope. No one wants a stagnant fate, no progress.

CHINDIANESIA: The 3 Economic Giants Who Will Master the World

These are the 3 Asian dragons who will be the rulers of the world economy by 2045. By 2045, the three Asian giants will become the world's largest economic power 1 (China), 2 (India) and 4 (Indonesia). The world's third largest sequence is USA.

Dismantling Human Irrationality with Behavioral Economics

Human, me and you all, basically likes to think irrationally or irrational. So says Prof. Dan Ariely - behavioral economics expert - in his famous book Predictably Irrational. During this time, we always feel always thinking rational and objective. Unfortunately, this feeling is just a fantasy. We as human beings turn out to have so many biases or thinking errors that we often do not realize, and make our decisions in many ways become chaotic.