Adapting growth models to achieve widely shared economic and social goals is of great concern and interest to a wide range of audiences – leaders in politics and policy, business, academia and civil society, and interested engaged citizens – across a full spectrum of countries and with diverse circumstances.

The Power Of Sharing Economy

The resource constraints that mark the global terrain have taken a serious toll on the economic, political and social dimensions on our lives. Humanity is challenged to reconsider the use of assets, physical and otherwise, in new and innovative ways. Amid this reality, the insight in which offers a glimpse of a futurelooking concept, namely an economy oriented towards profound collaboration and a new era of consumption.

The Future of Alternative Investments

The alternative investment industry is deeply embedded in the global financial system and economy, with investment decisions affecting capital markets, companies, and individuals across the world. This stands in stark contrast to its origins. The industry has grown from a handful of private investors making relatively small investments in companies and start-ups, to one that covers a wide array of asset classes and encompasses thousands of firms managing and investing trillions of dollars globally on behalf of institutional and individual investors alike.

Energy for Economic Growth

The world has been reeling from the financial crisis with reverberations being felt throughout the real economy on production, consumption, jobs and well-being. At times like these, we are all reminded of just how intertwined our future prospects have become and forced to reflect on how history has led us to our current circumstances. The economic progress of past decades has seen hundreds of millions of people enjoy major improvements in their material well-being, and these changes have been particularly noteworthy in the emerging economies. We all understand how globalization and market liberalization have underpinned these developments, but we must not lose sight of the crucial enabling role played by the energy sector. Without heat, light and power you cannot build or run the factories and cities that provide goods, jobs and homes, nor enjoy the amenities that make life more comfortable and enjoyable. Energy is the “oxygen” of the economy and the life-blood of growth, particularly in the mass industrialization phase that emerging economic giants are facing today as their per capita GDP moves between approximately US$ 5,000 and US$ 15,000.