Action More Dream Big

Me, you, he/she, them and anyone who lives on this earth are entitled to dream in their life. When you are a child of course you have dreams to be achieved when it's big. Call it want to be president, doctor, pilot, businessman and so forth. Dreaming of being rich, being a doctor, becoming an artist, being a pilot, being an entrepreneur and so anything that can foster the spirit and motivation in living your life. All have a chance and all have the same opportunities to achieve it, of course with the terms and conditions apply.

Economics of Innovation

Innovation plays an essential role in the development of the modern global economy. It ranks among the most important of human activities, driving economic growth through the creation of job opportunities, new products and services, as well as inspiring cities, regions and countries to create environments that foster it to improve their competitiveness in local and global markets.

A Smart Way To Deal With Fear

Everyone must have fear in themself. Either it's afraid of little things like spiders and insects or a bigger fear for example, fear with altitude or failure. This time we will talk about everything about fear. Starting from how to be able to understand the fear in yourself, interact or relate to fear, to face fear, to use fear to be a source of positive energy for us. Actually fear is something normal. For example, when we want to start trying new things or new jobs. Have never ridden a bike, and tried to ride a bike. New first dive, and want to learn to dive. Everyone will experience feelings of anxiety, nervousness and fear. If our fear is still within the limit of the face aka not excessive dosage, anyway. Unlike the case if the fear began to affect our activities or work, a burden, sometimes even like taking over our lives. If it is like this, we should ponder for a moment and pay attention and consider how much fear actually affects our lives. Do not let the fear of inhibiting steps to achieve what we aspire to.

Solar Influences On Climate

Understanding the influence of solar variability on the Earth's climate requires knowledge of solar variability, solar-terrestrial interactions, and the mechanisms determining the response of the Earth's climate system. Observations and mechanisms for the Sun's variability are described, including solar irradiance variations on both decadal and centennial time scales and their relation to galactic cosmic rays.

Fragility is the New Normal

For companies assessing where to invest and do business, and for governments considering trade, diplomacy and the security of their citizens, it is critical to understand the forces that are causing fragility and driving violence and conflict and their long-term implications. The lines between conflict and non-conflict zones are increasingly blurred across all geographies.

Dare to take risks

A bright future belongs to risk takers. That's what Brian Tracy said, the world's self-development expert. The future belongs to the risk takers. The more you seek for comfort zone, the less of it you will have and the more you pursue opportunity, the more result you will achieve. Here is an explanation and process in making a decision. Of course everything needs to be right calculation. Keep reading on this legendary blog. Learn and than take action.

The Importance Of Education

Education is one of the important aspects to build a nation. Education is essentially a basic effort to develop personality and abilities or expertise in a dynamic, harmonious organic entity, inside and outside school and lasts a lifetime. Education is a planned effort in realizing the learning atmosphere and the process of learning or training so that learners can actively develop the potential for themselves and their environment / society

The Global Financial System

As the effects of the financial crisis continue to unfold, the world faces serious challenges to the functioning of both capital markets and the global economy. With aggregate demand falling, there is a significant risk of a severe global recession that will affect many sectors, asset classes and regions in tandem.

Future Of Biotechnology

In recent years, research combining chemistry and biology has driven valuable discoveries for human health, energy and agriculture. The application of science and technology to living organisms, known as biotechnology, has led to numerous advances: vaccines and drugs have been created to combat disease; fuels, materials and chemicals have been produced from converted biomass; and genetically modified seeds have improved crop yields, increased resource efficiency and boosted health and nutrition.

Health Is A Human Right

Health is an important aspect of human rights, as mentioned in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (UN) dated November 10, 1948. In the Declaration of Human Rights Article 25 paragraph 1 stated that "everyone is entitled to an adequate standard of living for health and welfare of himself and his family ". This right to health means that governments must create conditions that enable individuals to live healthy, with the effort to provide adequate health care facilities and affordable health services for the community.