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" Deep Meaning Of Bolehbuka "

Boleh buka, in Indonesia word simillar meaning with "Suggestion". When you access something using the technology & information is "depend on you". What for you use it ? for the bad one or the good one. Use of the Information Technology is like a double edged sword. Can to help others or harm others. For the example is Internet. The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link billions of devices worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries an extensive range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW), electronic mail, voice over IP telephony, and peer-to-peer networks for file sharing. With the surf we can explore the world in the blink of an eye. By using a notebook or smartphone in our hands, we can surf anywhere throughout the world. The internet is used for many things, such as electronic mail, online chat, file transfer, and the interlinked web pages and other documents of the World Wide Web.

The most used service on the internet is the World Wide Web (which is also called the "Web"). The Web contains websites, blogs, and also wikis like Wikipedia. Webpages on the internet can be seen and read by anyone (unless the page needs a password, or it is blocked). The second biggest use of the internet is to send and receive e-mail. E-mail is private and goes from one user to another. Instant messaging is similar to email, but allows two or more people to chat to each other much faster. Some governments think the Internet is a bad thing, and block all or part of it. Some parents block parts of the internet they think are bad for children to see.

The internet can also be a dangerous place. Information that people put on the internet is not always checked, and some may not be true. Some may even be harmful. Also, if someone sends information through the internet, sometimes other people can read it even when they are not supposed to. A person can post information on a website, but this is often a bad idea unless the person is very sure of what they are doing. A good way to check for a secure website is to make sure the URL starts with https:// instead of http://, this means it is a secure site. (This only stops other people from reading what a user types. It does not mean the website is safe). Some websites may trick people into downloading viruses that can harm a computer or spyware that spies on its users (looks at what they are doing and tells someone else). E-mails can also have harmful files with them as "attachments". In internet chatrooms, people might be preying on others or trying to stalk or abuse them. The internet contains content that many people find offensive such as pornography, as well as content intended to be offensive. Criminals may steal people's personal information or trick people into sending them money.

Internet usage has seen tremendous growth. From 2000 to 2009, the number of Internet users globally rose from 394 million to 1.858 billion. By 2010, 22 percent of the world's population had access to computers with 1 billion Google searches every day, 300 million Internet users reading blogs, and 2 billion videos viewed daily on YouTube. In 2014 the world's Internet users surpassed 3 billion or 43.6 percent of world population, but two-thirds of the users came from richest countries, with 78.0 percent of Europe countries population using the Internet, followed by 57.4 percent of the Americas. The prevalent language for communication on the Internet has been English. This may be a result of the origin of the Internet, as well as the language's role as a lingua franca. Early computer systems were limited to the characters in the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII), a subset of the Latin alphabet.

After English (27%), the most requested languages on the World Wide Web are Chinese (25%), Spanish (8%), Japanese (5%), Portuguese and German (4% each), Arabic, French and Russian (3% each), and Korean (2%). By region, 42% of the world's Internet users are based in Asia, 24% in Europe, 14% in North America, 10% in Latin America and the Caribbean taken together, 6% in Africa, 3% in the Middle East and 1% in Australia/Oceania. The Internet's technologies have developed enough in recent years, especially in the use of Unicode, that good facilities are available for development and communication in the world's widely used languages. However, some glitches such as mojibake (incorrect display of some languages' characters) still remain.

In an American study in 2005, the percentage of men using the Internet was very slightly ahead of the percentage of women, although this difference reversed in those under 30. Men logged on more often, spent more time online, and were more likely to be broadband users, whereas women tended to make more use of opportunities to communicate (such as email). Men were more likely to use the Internet to pay bills, participate in auctions, and for recreation such as downloading music and videos. Men and women were equally likely to use the Internet for shopping and banking. More recent studies indicate that in 2008, women significantly outnumbered men on most social networking sites, such as Facebook and Myspace, although the ratios varied with age. In addition, women watched more streaming content, whereas men downloaded more.

According to forecasts by Euromonitor International, 44% of the world's population will be users of the Internet by 2020. Splitting by country, in 2012 Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark had the highest Internet penetration by the number of users, with 93% or more of the population with access. Several neologisms exist that refer to Internet users: Netizen (as in as in "citizen of the net") refers to those actively involved in improving online communities, the Internet in general or surrounding political affairs and rights such as free speech, Internaut refers to operators or technically highly capable users of the Internet, digital citizen refers to a person using the Internet in order to engage in society, politics, and government participation.

The Vision Of This Company

" Vision Statement "

In terms of achieving a purpose in need of a planning and action to make it happen, in general can say that the vision and mission is a planning concept that is accompanied by action in accordance with what is planned to achieve a goal. Being a company that is a leading world-class and professional. To realize this vision, Bolehbuka Digital International determined to transform thoroughly and gradually over the first five years with 3B System.

Be Brave : Take a risk

Be Correct : To decide

Be Succeed : Final destination

Human life in the world can not be separated from two things: opportunities and risks. The fate of each person is determined more, how to both captured and managed than by the other. Opportunities and risks are like two sides of a coin. Both are closely inseparable. Capturing the opportunity means that once dare to take risks. There is no opportunity without risk. Instead, the risk is the logical consequence of our choice to capture every opportunity. Choosing to become an employee, the risk must be prepared ruled superiors. Instead, choose to become entrepreneurs, the risk is often erratic income. Choosing to apply for the child, the stakes have to be ready (to each other) to share and bear each other's lives. Instead opt for a single life, the risk is lonely at home every day, especially when the night comes, and others.

People are often afraid to take a chance for fear of risks. Even after the opportunity was taken, many people fail because they can not cope with the risks. It concluded that true success is the resultant of a person's attempt to seize opportunities and overcome risks. People who want to succeed - in any case, therefore, must have the courage to seize opportunities and take risks as well. Capturing the opportunity means being the first (pioneer) who take action on something. While risk is defined as not afraid of risks, and also has a provision of science and plans to address these risks. We will make the umpteenth hallmark of a great man.

Courage to take risks in terms of the above makes people not home to take the risk or take chances origin, but really bravery that is based on the calculation of adequate and not all desperate late. Many people fail because the last thing. I wish to say brave, but really desperate. Many people wants to entrepreneurship, but even so unemployment. Many people want a happy household, but quite the opposite, and so on. What is meant by adequate calculations do exist at the planning aspect of everyone. Again, this confirms the importance of planning and commitment to implementation. Great people got it. Have a plan and committed implementation. So when its time comes, the opportunities will not run anywhere, the risk should not be a frightening specter.

They, great people, always trying to pioneer on the various opportunities before. However, they chose to become a pioneer that has adequate calculation. Courage so that they are not all desperate-an enforced. They are not afraid of risk because they have knowledge, insight, and skills, and they are making plans, and they have a commitment to the implementation of it.

By doing so, there is no fear of the term in the dictionary of great people. Indeed, sometimes they have to be carefully decided. There was a time they must take into account the time, circumstances, and conditions. However, when the decision has been taken, there was unyielding on the issue, did not persist much less fuzzy face problems. They always have a broad space for evaluating, planning to come back, and start investing again (read: business improvement) over the choice of opportunities taken.

Great people see and go through the process as learning. Thus, if a failure even if that comes, understood as a long road of success. What emerges is positive thoughts and solutif for problems. Therein lies the great courage. Dare to take risks because they have a plan. Dare to take risks because they have a learning perspective. They never cease to proceed (on becoming) better before walking off to be the best.

"Our Vision is become classy International Information Technology company by providing appropriate solutions, resulting in robust products and useful so that later achieved the purpose of use and equitable information technology."

The Mission Of This Company

" Mission Statement "

The mission is a statement about what should be done by the agency in its efforts to realize the vision. The company's mission is the purpose and the reason why the company exists. The mission will also provide directions simultaneously limits the process of achieving the goal.

Advancing the startup world, generally in worldwide and especially in Indonesia. From year to year is a startup business continues to develop rapidly by looking at the statistics of Internet users is increasing and also smartphone users continue to grow so indulgent people to find what is needed easily and quickly.

Keeping startup ecosystem sustainability. Today, there are at least more than 1500 local Startup in Indonesia. The potential of Internet users in Indonesia is getting up from year to year is certainly a wetland to establish a Startup. Based on some research, by 2013 it is estimated internet users in Indonesia reached 70 million people, you can imagine how many internet user Indonesia several years. Besides purchasing power increases with rising per capita income of people of this country influenced the development of the digital industry.

Open employment opportunities. In Indonesia in this country is one problem that has not been resolved is the issue of how to reduce poverty and the poverty arising from the lack of a job or a language trend in society is unemployment. Not only open up employment opportunities in Indonesia, if necessary, we will also expand throughout the world.

Managing services by prioritizing the level of safety, security, and convenience to improve customer satisfaction. Management in businesses and other organizations, including not-for-profit organizations and government bodies, refers to the individuals who set the strategy of the organization and coordinate the efforts of employees (or volunteers, in the case of some voluntary organizations) to accomplish objectives by using available human, financial and other resources efficiently and effectively. Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, natural resources and other resources.

Develop human resources and corporate culture with high performance by applying world-class management system. Human resource management (HRM or simply HR) is the management of human resources. It is a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer's strategic objectives. HR is primarily concerned with the management of people within organizations, focusing on policies and on systems. HR departments and units in organizations typically undertake a number of activities, including employee benefits design, employee recruitment, "training and development", performance appraisal, and rewarding (e.g., managing pay and benefit systems). HR also concerns itself with organizational change and industrial relations, that is, the balancing of organizational practices with requirements arising from collective bargaining and from governmental laws.

Optimizing profitable business growth strategies to enhance shareholder value and improve the welfare of employees and other stakeholders. In economics, profit maximization is the short run or long run process by which a firm determines the price and output level that returns the greatest profit. There are several approaches to this problem.

Establish mutually beneficial cooperation with business partners as well as develop in synergy in the utilization of information technology infrastructure management. A business partner is a commercial entity with which another commercial entity has some form of alliance. This relationship may be a contractual, exclusive bond in which both entities commit not to ally with third parties.

Provide optimum added value to society and the environment. Technology society and life or technology and culture refers to cyclical co-dependence, co-influence, and co-production of technology and society upon the other (technology upon culture, and vice versa). This synergistic relationship occurred from the dawn of humankind, with the invention of simple tools and continues into modern technologies such as the printing press and computers. The academic discipline studying the impacts of science, technology, and society, and vice versa is called science and technology studies.

Be an company that is ready to compete in the era of the creative economy, which is based ASIA-PASIFIC economic community. All around the world, the creative and cultural economy is talked about as an important and growing part of the global economy. The term refers to the socio-economic potential of activities that trade with creativity, knowledge and information. Governments and creative sectors across the world are increasingly recognizing its importance as a generator of jobs, wealth and cultural engagement. At the heart of the creative economy are the cultural and creative industries that lie at the crossroads of arts, culture, business and technology.

Be an company that is ready to educate a fun learning system. Integrated learning systems are hardware/software solutions designed to deliver instructional content. The effective delivery of that content is measured, monitored, and maintained with an array of assessment and management tools that may also be part of that system. Integrated learning systems are generally associated with educational/academic environments, but are also deployed within private industry, for example, as a way to introduce employees to new, mission critical systems and software applications. As opposed to static online help or even animated tutorials, integrated learning systems are highly interactive and are designed to provide feedback as to progress and grasp of the subject matter at hand. Built-in tools further allow executive management or instructors and trainers to monitor and measure a student's progress.

Be an company that is ready to compete the information technology industry. A cluster of related abilities, commitments, knowledge, and skills that enable a person (or an organization) to act effectively in a job or situation. Competence indicates sufficiency of knowledge and skills that enable someone to act in a wide variety of situations.

Supporting clean and renewable energy. Energy generated from natural resources—such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat—which are renewable (naturally replenished).

Be an company that helps people with the use of the field of information technology. "Helping Others Succeed Can Be Your Greatest Success".

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