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The History of This Company

  • Year 2014

    Our Journey Beginnings

    Beginning this company stand when we were still in college, when we were chatting casually about the world and its development INTERNET, accidentally appeared creative ideas that come from the 3rd inexperienced young people. These three young people was inspired by the founder of the technology world. From the warm conversation came the idea to give the name of this company with the name "BOLEHBUKA" with the motto "A Place Where You Can Find Everything". The first project we want to develop is the creation of software "Search Engine". Because of busy each of us who are still attending college education. Then we will no longer forward the idea that we want to develop them. Time passed quickly. Then we also are one by one pass of the lecture bench. Then each of us began a life of each individual and business. Again we met through the virtual world, one with the other. Finally we also meet again and want to develop the dream company was abandoned.

  • Year Of 2015

    An Decision is Born

    For security ideas, we bought the domain name "bolehbuka.com" but we do not know how the contents. And finally the domain is expired too long without content. We called it with "blank activity". In 2015 is no clear business activities. We didn't know this company will heading up. During this grace period precisely the beginning of the year 2014, one member of our team to do some research and make some software applications and also a prototype hardware. The application relates to the management of livestock and agriculture-based webapps. There are also applications related to home security & enterprise plan. We developed it for personal use only. Users of this application for the we know it. Such as family or our friends who are farmers and ranchers. With a variety of educational backgrounds that we elaborated, we decided to collaborate with each other hand in hand to create a company based democratic economy or we mention the fancy term "creative economic activities". Where we believe the use of this creativity economy can sustain developed country economy to become a reliable state revenue and is expected to absorb the workforce so curb the high unemployment rate. We also support the existence of a startup ecosystem.

  • Year Of 2015

    Transition to Full Service

    This year we do not get too focused on product development. Because we are still busy with their respective business activities. As we build more intelligent applications. It is a struggle that is indeed very difficult to find loyal users. Because the use of IoT technology is still new so not many people know about it. We combine embedded hardware and software technology with IoT. We did a massive expansion to move forward with the introduction of our products are built using the advancement of science and technology. It has become our commitment to building this company method of deliberation and mutual cooperation in order to produce quality products that are legendary and it is recognized by the whole world. Starting from the selection of raw material selection super tight in order to maintain the quality of the product. Thus making our customers feel satisfied with the quality of the products we make. And do not forget we also asked for input from colleagues on the products that we have made. So we keep forging ahead and growing.

  • Year of 2016

    Phase Two Expansion

    Officially this year we started operations and incorporated. This year we also got a single funding from an angel investor. Beside a lot of friends developer gives positive feedback so continuing product development delayed. Building a Digital Company tantamount to build the company in general. There is a clear business strategy, financial plans, technical and non-technical personnel, marketing, management, etc. not just talking apps and programming only. Apps only tools that become money machines fixed establishment, product, and business strategy. Do not expect big profits instantly. Investment, for whatever, into the capital of the company and not into the pockets of the founder. The company's value may go up, but no one could stop him to freefall if one strategy and a negative market response. The biggest asset of the digital startup is "Intangible Asset", if bankrupt, almost no physical assets that can be sold to cover losses. That's why the company's actual value is the value of virtual and not real value. Building a company obviously lead to stress and not necessarily successful. Until recently, almost all major startup in the country that produces no profit. Still losing money and wasting money investors to compete fiercely with rival in the battle of user acquisition. Our picture above is not to scare or pessimistic, but realistic. Do not dream of waking company can be successful if the focus is only advanced applications that without any business strategy, without a solid team, and without any advance resilient spirit. Human is slow but smart, the computer was fast but dumb. Leave it on the computer speed problems and prioritize intelligence in human affairs.

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We present the right solutions in terms of the use of information technology so that the final destination is success for the ultimate goal.

Classy & Eficiency

Where is the dream of everyone who wants their business to look classy with the smallest capital to get the maximum profit. Let's Roll.

Easy Maintenance & Setup

Whoever the person would have wanted the operation and easy installation. In this case we're working to make it happen to our loyal customers.

Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime warranty on all digital products that we have developed. It makes our customers be happy and do not want to emotionally move.

Cloud Database

Now this era of data storage in the cloud. Off-Premises, On-Premises, Private or Public cloud even Hybrid Cloud. Brace yourself for cloud computing.

Open Software & Hardware

Using the source software & hardware that is free to be developed so that everyone is free creativity without limits but follow the rules in ethics.

Customer Oriented

Quality of service products that make customers feel satisfied. So continue to use the products that we have developed. Without a sense of disappointment.

Secure & Safety

A very important aspect in terms of the digital world. This section is largely forgotten by many people. User education is very necessary in this case.

Robust & User Friendly

The products we are trying to develop practical value and effective by leveraging technology and information. Feedback is influential in this regard.


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